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Always Collect has a one-of-a-kind design as a

"Collections Resolution & Prevention Company"
...and much more.


We will help you resolve your current collections

and virtually eliminate future ones...


You also have the option to never pay credit card

and merchant services fees again...


You can also add in our powerful financing education

and increase your profits by 40% or more.

Eliminate Credit Card & Merchant Service Fees...

If you intend to process your own collections for your business, you can get instant access to our 100% FREE simple, yet powerful "Collectionectomy" training series.


This series gives you the step-by-step instructions you need to settle your delinquent Customers' collection accounts in a new and powerful that includes our secret "Account Rollover" strategy, and more.


Also, if you'd like one of our Certified Independent Consultants to assist you in resolving your collections you can give us a call at (801) 901-8461 to get started...

Increase Your

Business Profits By

Up To 40% Or More...

...without increasing sales! The wealthiest businesses in the world offer financing.


This is because they understand the power of accommodating their Client's immediate product and service needs as well as the ability to increase Customer relations.


Fortunately because of Always Collect's software and training it's now possible and easier than ever for small and medium sized businesses to do the same.


Some of our Clients have seen a 30%-40% increase in their profits with this simple addition to their business.

Resolve Your

Current Collections...

Credit Card companies have effectively inserted themselves into nearly every transaction that takes place in the world.


How much money is being siphoned from your business each month in credit card fees?


But let's look at a larger picture. How much money is being siphoned from your state in credit card fees?


At Always Collect we teach our Clients how to keep their hard earned money in their pocket and in their state instead of giving it away to corporations that didn't help them produce the product or perform the service.

Virtually Eliminate Future Collections...

The need to perform collections is accepted as a normal and necessary part of business, but what if there were a way to greatly reduce and virtually eliminate collections?


Indeed, this can be achieved with Always Collect.


Knowing and understanding the list of factors that create collections in the first place is vital.


We've identified simple, contractual processes bypass these issues and allow our Always Collect Clients to keep most, if not all of the money they would normally be paying to a collection agency.

Become Part Of

The Rural Business Revolution...

Keep all your profits by avoiding the habit of discounting to get the sale. Learn how to increase your prices and offer greater service to your Customers and Clients.


Keep all the interest and fees that credit card companies and merchant services are leeching from your efforts. They didn't help you produce the product or perform the service, so let's avoid paying them.


Every part of Always Collect trains you on offering your Customers and Clients greater service options through properly structured contracts and optional financing, and then helps you understand what your Customers and Clients are experiencing in virtually every circumstance.


Are you willing to risk...nothing?

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